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Project Description
DuNodes is an Hypervisor based on Cosmos OS.
DuNodes should be able to span virtual machine across several nodes.

DuNodes is an HyperVisor based on Cosmos release 92560 (for the moment, i will include all new release soon.) .
The aim of the project is to provide an hypervisor that support spanning virtual machines across several node.

You can still refer to cosmos project in order to have more informations.
Documentation will be written later.

Release Changelog


  • 18/04/13 : Working on Heap in order to create a real basic ram management (linked to process and thread management).
  • 16/04/13 : Restart from zero, cosmos source wasn't good and block beakpoint. Restart from release 92560. Breakpoint now works. Re-integrate Cosmos Source, and dewitcher Framework.
  • 16/04/13 : First cleaned version of DuNodes. Contains Cosmos Source, and some part of Dewitcher framework. Removed some unused part of Cosmos and dewitcher. Dewitcher library is not usable for the moment. It blocks the generation of DuNodes.
  • 14/04/13 : DuNodes starts

What's included

  • Cosmos Source Code
  • Dewitcher library
  • Some very basics. (bench, top, help, ...)
  • Beginning of process and thread system in order to manage memory.
  • ... Nothing more at the moment.

To Come

  • Garbage Collector
  • Basic configuration management
  • Process and thread system
  • Basic user management
  • Basic environnement
  • Re-integrate new version of Cosmos, without breaking breakpoint.
  • Write some basic commands (ping, top, ...) (will need some plugs)
  • Update Command Engine of dewitcher in order to add special option supports
  • Enable console shortcuts
  • Basic integration of a FileSystem (own or others,...)
  • Make init of system with dewitcher's menu class
  • Log System
  • More and more to come, will release full todoList as soon as i have some time to spend !

Joining DuNodes

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